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Pump Station Installation and Repairs

Pump station installation and repairs

We provide a full range of septic inspection and repair services.

pump station installation and repiars

The wastewater from a house or business may need to be pumped to a higher level for the water to be properly and safely treated. Wastewater from a septic system generally uses gravity and a drain field treat the waste water. When the area is too flat, a pump is used to get this water to a higher area.

The only different between a septic system which uses a septic lift station one the doesn’t is simply the pumps and controls. When the sewage that is stored in a septic tank reaches a preset level, a sensor is triggered that turns on the pump. Then the wastewater is pumped to the next location.

The professionals at Strictly Septics have been designing and installing septic pump stations for over 20 years.