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FHA Compliance Septic Inspection

FHA Compliance Septic Inspection

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FHA Compliance Inspections

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Any sewage system that shows evidence of failure must be inspected by the local health authority or a licensed professional sanitarian. The system must pass inspection in order for the property to be approved for an FHA mortgage loan.


For existing properties, FHA requires that a domestic well be located a minimum of 100 feet from the septic tank’s drain field and a minimum of 10 feet from any property line. In most cases the requirement is 75 feet from the septic tank to the well head. I say in most cases because I’ve seen different appraisers waive the requirements based on the age of the home.


Strictly Septics can measure the following for you and provide an accurate map of the findings

  • Distance between the septic tank and the well head
  • Distance between the well head and the property line. A map of the property lined will be required to accurately measure
  • Distance between the septic leaching system and the well head
  • Map out the system components in relation to the house structure for further use.

In some cases, a septic dye letter will be required for the mortgage as well. In this case a hydraulic load will be placed on the system. Tracer dye will be entered into the system via the toilets and sink. Water is typically run for 12 minutes per bedroom to allow the dye to flow from the septic tank into the leaching fields.